On time, all the time

Our goal is and always will be to build a door that our ancestors would be proud of. It is with that goal in mind that we strive to be a company that firmly embraces the concept of continual investment and innovation. We work diligently to build and deliver the best closet door for your money. Our fast, efficient service is a result of our investment in our infrastructure. We start with modern automated equipment: CNC routers, computerized cutting tables, bevelers and banders all help keep up with the demand. Our biggest advantage comes from the R2D2s software which helps run our entire company from the initial sales call to when the product reaches your door. Whether you need us to schedule a series of deliveries to your construction site, or make sure a single door is shipped to your home, it happens on time, all the time.

With our close proximity to the New York City area, and our ability to manage jobs that require smaller more frequent deliveries, it is quite easy to serve the New York City/Tri-State market place. We are also able to serve small and large projects throughout the country due to our strong shipping partners. This allows us to offer the most competitive rates for job site deliveries.

Let us show you how business used to be done in the good old days: great products provided to you with great service.

Our Mantra

As a New York Metropolitan based manufacturer, Custom Door and Mirror is a natural choice as a partner for companies all over the country. In 1957, The Paniflex Door Corporation started out as a small family run business. Our skill was crafted through the experience of 36 years of learning how to make the industry’s best bifold and sliding doors. Today the Paniflex Corporation is known as Custom Door & Mirror and manufactures the highest quality doors in the widest range of sizes.

The Paniflex Door System was engineered to fill a costly void in the construction industry. It was extremely expensive to have doors made to custom sizes so most developers had to make the openings to standard sizes. Our closet doors were able to be made to the 1/4″ making it much easier on our customers.

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