Custom Closet Doors Designed for Your Architectural Vision

Seamlessly blend aesthetics, efficiency, and innovation in your architectural projects.

Limitations imposed by standard closet door sizes necessitate costly and time-consuming modifications to existing structures. This not only disrupts the aesthetic and functional flow of a design but also leads to increased project costs and extended timelines.

Save Money on Modifications

Paniflex custom closet doors are crafted to fit any space perfectly, eliminating the need for costly structural alterations. Avoid the hassle and expense of adjusting wall openings, adding new framing, or modifying existing structures.

Streamline Your Installation Processs

Custom doors designed to your exact specifications simplify the installation, reducing labor time and associated costs. Say goodbye to extended adjustments and fittings.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our precise manufacturing process reduces material waste, making every project not only more cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Perfect Your Space with Custom Designs

Unlock the full potential of your creative vision. Our doors are designed without the constraints of standard sizes, allowing for more creative and effective use of space.

Simplify Project Management

Choosing our custom doors means fewer suppliers and simpler project timelines, leading to better management and reduced overhead costs.

Paniflex: Precision Craftsmanship Meets Modern Efficiency for Your Architectural Needs

Our ability to manufacture doors to precise specifications, to the nearest quarter inch, uniquely positions us to serve the needs of modern architecture and design, eliminating the costly need to modify openings to standard sizes. This commitment to customization and quality is underpinned by a state-of-the-art production process, utilizing modern automated equipment such as CNC routers, computerized cutting tables, bevelers, and banders, all integrated through our advanced R2D2s software system. This technology not only ensures precision but also supports our fast and efficient service, guaranteeing that whether you need a series of deliveries to a construction site or a single door shipped to a residence, it happens seamlessly and on schedule.


Working with Panaflex products has been a game-changer for our architectural firm. The ability to order doors to the exact specifications we need has not only saved us countless hours in project time but also significantly reduced our construction costs. Their precision craftsmanship ensures each installation is seamless, enhancing the overall quality of our designs.
Alexandra M.
Lead Architect
Panaflex’s custom door solutions are second to none. As an interior designer, I appreciate the vast options in style and finishes, which allow me to bring my design visions to life without compromise. Their efficient delivery and installation services make them a reliable partner for both small and large-scale projects.
Ethan J.
Interior Designer
I recommend Panaflex for any project that demands high-quality, custom-sized doors. Their attention to detail and customer-focused approach makes them stand out in the industry. Thanks to Panaflex, we can assure our clients of both aesthetic excellence and functional integrity in every element of our architectural designs.
Miranda L.
Architectural Consultant

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